2017 Cabin Reservation Availability

Below is our cabin availability list. Please note it is not necessary to have the maximum number of people per cabin in order to rent the cabin. For instance, if you have only 4 people in your group and the only available cabin is a cabin for 8, we will still rent you...

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Recycle Your Newspapers here!

We have had some beautiful sunny days here at Bow Narrows, but our nights have been quite chilly. This morning is our first A.M. double-digit Celsius temps. So we need to increase the supply of newspapers for starting fires in the wood stoves. If you are coming, even...

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“You lookin’ at me?” (Bull moose sighting)

One of our guests John Andrews took this photo of a bull moose he saw on Red Lake Road between Ear Falls and Red Lake. The moose's antlers are in velvet which means that they are growing in. To keep from damaging new antlers, bull moose don't move around much when...

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And We’re Off!

The 2017 season is officially underway! Starting yesterday, Brian has now boated in all of our first week's guests on the Lickety Split. The weather is gorgeous and the guests are out catching their first Red Lake fish of the season. In the kitchen, Joanne's first...

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What’s up, dock?

It's the eve before our first 2017 guests arrive here at Bow Narrows. In between getting the boats in tip-top shape, Brian tried a few casts from one of our docks. Low and behold, 5 casts later, a 38" Northern Pike...very well fed. Check it out! And it's not the first...

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We’re Here!

Welcome to the first blog entry from the Spillar family at Bow Narrows Camp! We are so excited to be here at camp, learning everything we can from Dan and Brenda. 50-plus years is a lot of great experience for us to draw from, and we are so thankful to have their...

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