Research and scientific testing…this is what I did in my previous career. So when we decide to get something new for the camp, I compare many brands and features before deciding. Well, we are excited to announce that the Bow Narrows “fleet” will be sporting new boat seats this year! And I decided on a version of the Tempress All-Weather High-Back Boat Seat because of their long-standing reputation for quality products.

General construction of the new Bow Narrows boat seats

As the company’s description says… the seat is “The Perfect Option for Rough Weather and Durability.” So soon we will be taking delivery of 40 new boat seats, destination Bow Narrows Camp. I special-ordered them from the factory with cushions constructed of extra-heavy-duty foam, wrapped in welded-seam marine vinyl for a weather-tight seal. They should be just the ticket for many hours of fishing and relaxing while out on the water. This photo shows the general construction.  Good stuff.

So know that when you come to Bow Narrows, we’ve got your back! And we’ve covered your…well, you get the idea.

— Brian