Tommy Cieplik releases a lunker in 2013. That’s potentially 4 more years of spawning for this one fish…and more new fish with the genes of this large specimen.

The number of places where a person can escape to and leave the world behind is ever shrinking in this modern world. And there are even fewer places that one can escape to and catch trophy fish. Trophy fish…isn’t this what you all love to see when you come to Bow Narrows? They are the wonders of the deep! Up comes that fish on the end of your line, and then you see it. Whoa. You can’t help but respect the fight and toughness it took for that wild specimen-of-a-fish to have survived long enough to grow that big. Let’s face it. Down there…it’s either eat or be eaten. So we wonder and admire what it took to get that big perhaps wishing we could glimpse its world for a moment or better yet imagine if fish could talk.

With great love and respect for nature’s wonders, we take our stewardship of the lake and land seriously. And our guests are an impressive part of this stewardship as well. Over the years, Bow Narrows’s guests have truly come to respect these mighty fish that swim in the waters of Red Lake. Both owners and guests have embraced their responsibility for keeping this fish population thriving and even improving. And there is more to be done. Wouldn’t you love to see MORE trophy fish on your yearly trip to Bow Narrows? We would, but only in your photos. So for this reason, it’s time for a formalization of a long-standing vibe in our camp’s policies. Starting this year, in 2018’s season, all walleye over 18” and northern pike over 27” must be released. Put ‘em back when you catch them.

Here are some basics on the impact and science behind releasing these fish:

  • The biggest fish get a chance to pass on favorable or superior genetics for size and robustness.
  • We will maximize spawning/reproduction every year therefore sustaining quality fishing for years to come.
  • And last but not least, it will increase the number of photo-worthy trophies for everyone.

So when you hook into that lunker on your next escape to Bow Narrows, put ’em back. It’s the right thing to do. Can’t wait to see what we can accomplish! Bow Narrows Forever.