Fishing at Bow Narrrows

This productive lake is 30 miles in length and about five miles in width at its widest!

It takes a unique combination of factors for a lake to produce large quantities of really big walleyes and northern pike and Red Lake, Ontario, has it in spades.

Red Lake is teeming with minnows, perch, smelt, ciscoes and suckers – all food for those tackle-busting trophies that you expect on a Canadian fishing trip.

Anglers here catch walleyes up to 34 inches in length and northern pike up to 52 inches. And they also catch lake trout, whitefish and ling or burbot.

Bow Narrows Camp is located in the fishiest area of the entire lake system.

Shallow bays, deep bays, winding narrows, islands and rapids are just a short boat ride away from the camp.

Fishing guides are just unnecessary here. Our camp staff will mark an excellent fishing map for you showing where to fish and pass along other tips such as time of day, proper lure colors, etc.

Finally, we clean your fish for you back at camp and remove all the bones from northern pike which are every bit as delicious as walleyes.

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