Is there a hospital in Red Lake?

Yes. Red Lake has a hospital and a medical clinic.

Can I fish with a full-limit license rather than the conservation license that comes free with my fishing package?

Yes. We sell all licenses at camp.

How many walleyes does the average fisherman catch in a day?

There’s no such thing as an “average” fisherman. The best answer to this question is that Red Lake is best known for the size of its walleyes. They can average 22-24 inches with many 26 inches and larger.

I would like to come on the American Plan but I’m afraid I might need to head back to the lodge for a meal just when the fish are biting!

At Bow Narrows you will be fishing within minutes of the lodge, not hours away, so you can quickly return to the fishing spot when you’re done eating. But if you aren’t back for a meal, we’ll just save it for you.

Do you sell bait?

No. Our guests just pick up some night crawlers or leeches before they leave Red Lake. If they need more later on we’ll get it for them during the mid-week supply trip.

Should I bring a portable depth finder?

Most walleye fishermen bring them. Much of the time our walleyes are so shallow they can’t be seen on a fish finder but it is still handy for fishing structures.

Can we come on the Housekeeping Plan and buy a meal in the dining room?

Yes. You can also buy one particular meal every day, breakfast for instance.

Do you have electric trolling motors?

Yes, you can rent an electric trolling motor for your week for just $50 Cdn.

Do you have guides?

No. They just aren’t necessary since we fish so near the camp and because the lake is so easy to navigate. And we clean your fish for you back at camp. Finally, they just aren’t available.

What’s the best month to come fishing?

The advantage of being on a large lake with so many depths is that we catch fish every month. The only thing that changes is the location.

Do you get couples?

Ladies love our modern, comfortable cabins and delicious meals in the dining room. They also usually end up catching most of the fish!

What about families?

Absolutely. In fact, many of our guests started coming to Bow Narrows Camp as children with their mom and dad. Kids love playing on beaches, exploring islands and feeding our tame, wild woodchucks.

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