Fishing on Red Lake is so multi-faceted. Relaxing in the boat with friends and family. Nature’s wonders all around you. Incredible fish below, big bears and moose on land, and the magnificent eagles overhead. Long-time guest Lonnie Boyer shared some amazing photos with us from this past summer, and this beautiful eagle looking back at them was one of them.

An eagle looks back at Lonnie Boyer as she snapped this photo.


And then Lonnie also spotted some young eagles sitting in their nest in Sadler Bay.

Nothing goes to waste in nature, and bald eagles are members of nature’s clean-up crew. They will eat fish of all sizes, rodents, other birds, carrion, and other small prey. But then, they can also go for days, and sometimes weeks, without food.

Juvenile bald eagles don’t get their iconic white head until they are 4-5 years old. When fully grown, the adult female, with a wingspan of about 7 feet, is larger than the slightly smaller adult male, whose wingspan is around 6 feet. They mate for life and can live 20-30 years. An incredible sight for sure.