Reflections that seem to go on forever

This was the view out our dining room window yesterday in the early morning. What a way to wake up…lake of glass and reflections that seem to go on forever! Maybe a reward for the rain and wind of autumn that we have had lately. As an example of extremes, one makes you appreciate the other all the more. And it was a beautiful warm and sunny day too. As the sun came up, this same view sparkled “with diamonds” as the sun reflected off the water.

Fall fishing at Bow Narrows…the weather, of course, is sometimes windy, cool and rainy at times. But the drop in water temperature can make larger fish more accessible as they prepare for the long winter, feeding in these last days of open water. Brian has stolen a few moments to get out on the water and see what the fish are doing. He is still catching fish in the same areas and with the same lure that he has all season. The fish are noticeably more bunched up and relating strongly to sharp breaks and points immediately adjacent to the deeper holes and basins of the lake.

Nature’s painting…what a view to wake up to